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Strategic Updates

Peter Cavelti’s essays have been printed and quoted in papers, magazines and newsletters internationally, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Financial Times, the Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Money, Personal Finance and World Link. Peter releases new commentary as inspired by current events and the desire to share information with an independent, unbiased voice.

The Liberal World Order

Peter offers his perspective on the “Liberal World Order” touted by the Biden administration and various European governments. He also reviews the negative socio-political, financial and economic consequences of current policies.

Lies, Nothing But Lies

In this issue we focus on sociopathic politicians, the central bank dilemma and the inevitability of social chaos, as well as Europe’s self-destructive agenda. We reiterate the need for continuous portfolio adjustments.

What Next?

With inflation raging and markets taking a hard hit, central banks have run out of acceptable options. With a view on preserving capital, we re-examine the merits of cash and take a close look at various asset classes, from stocks and bonds to gold and cryptos.

George Orwells 1984

The Ministry of Truth

Today’s Strategic Update covers a range of topics: government’s relentless attempts to regulate everything, Big Technology’s push toward surveillance and narrative control, the consequences of the Ukraine war, and how to invest in a climate of extreme uncertainty.

Webcast: Peter Cavelti and Doug Casey

Enjoy the replay. Duration: 1:07:33. Host Matt Smith and Doug Casey interview Peter, exploring topics as diverse as the Ukraine crisis, manufactured media narratives, government overreach, central bank policy, information overload and the investment outlook.

The Unintended Consequences of Sanctions

Six weeks into the Ukraine war, we examine the West’s sanctions against Russia and identify a long list of unintended consequences, many of which will aggravate worldwide shortages and price pressures. We also explain why the sanctions will accelerate the transition from an Ameri-centric order to a multi-polar world.

The Ukraine Invasion: Implications

Eleven days ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. While countless uncertainties remain, we draw some early conclusions. In addition to updating on the new geopolitical realities, we also focus on economic consequences and explain the implications for investors.

What Next?

The disregard our politicians and the media have for us citizens is stunning. We look at the most recent examples of narrative manipulation and the growing use of government emergency powers, and draw our conclusions. In our segment on investment strategy, we stress the need to be prepared for a variety of outcomes and to be nimble with portfolio adjustments.

The Central Bank Dilemma

Not too long ago, when the Covid threat first emerged, economists the world over entertained us with various forecasts of how exactly the recession of 2020 would play out. Some were quite determined that it would be in a U-shape, while others suggested a W-shaped, L-shaped or K-shaped pattern. Some boldly predicted that the downturn would last a while; the opposite camp thought it would be short-lived.

Of Generals and Central Bankers

How will America’s botched Afghanistan exit impact the geopolitical balance? What safe haven investments are there left? We’re addressing two questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind and explain why caution is advised.