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Strategic Updates

Peter Cavelti’s essays have been printed and quoted in papers, magazines and newsletters internationally, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Financial Times, the Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Money, Personal Finance and World Link. Peter releases new commentary as inspired by current events and the desire to share information with an independent, unbiased voice.

An Ominous Setup

Whether we look at the economy, the social dynamic, domestic politics or geopolitical realities, the possible outcomes make for a terrifying contemplation. A comprehensive review and portfolio update.

Bubble Land

We’re surrounded by bubbles ready to burst. But two macro developments—the debt dynamic and dangerous escalations on the geopolitical front—are creating severe imbalances, which will take a decade or longer to unravel. Your portfolio should reflect that.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Geopolitical, social, technological and economic realities are not only deeply intertwined, but also capable of affecting each other. Still, most analysts of current events focus only on one particular area. In this issue, we examine the profound changes all around us.

Ignorance and Apathy

Increasingly, politicians, corporate leaders and academia manufacture narratives and sideline competing views. What surprises is the willingness of the populace to accept even the most obvious misrepresentations, provided they are repeated by a compliant media complex. We explore the social and financial consequences.

Questions You Asked

An unusual number of reader questions prompt us to go deeper on four key topics: government debt defaults, the ongoing banking crisis, our portfolio composition, and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

What Debt Ceiling?

The debt-ceiling scare and the banking crisis have receded into the background, but the underlying problems remain unaddressed. We take a closer look at indebtedness globally and weigh the risk of a recession. And finally, we look at investments appropriate for today’s challenging environment.

Crumbling Confidence

Americans are not alone in losing trust in their government, and for good reason. But, as we explain, trouble in the United States will seriously undermine global stability. The economic, social and geo-political implications are enormous.